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Amacuro and 2perspectives: Holistic cooperation for comprehensive care


Amacuro is an ideal cooperation partner for 2perspectives: a young and dynamic company that rethinks, redefines, and lives classic homecare processes.

The Amacuro team combines many years of experience with fresh ideas to effectively meet the challenges facing our healthcare system. The aim is always to ensure holistic and optimal patient care based on the latest scientific findings. The range of services includes ostomy, wound, tracheostomy and incontinence care, enteral and parenteral nutrition, as well as special pharmaceutical therapies.



Dynamic and innovative

Amacuro is a dynamic and innovative company: Amacuro's goal is to revolutionize existing homecare processes and set new standards for modern and first-class patient care.


Qualified expertise in interdisciplinary teams

Amacuro combines qualified expertise in interdisciplinary teams to offer innovative solutions for challenges in the healthcare sector. Amacuro is setting new standards for the homecare industry.


Passion and commitment

Amacuro is passionately committed to providing personalized care on-site, always focusing on the individual needs of the patient.


Patient at the center

With dedication and commitment, Amacuro provides first-class, patient-specific care - because patient satisfaction is the basis of all sustainable improvements in healthcare.


For 2perspectives, the successful partnership with Amacuro perfectly complements our comprehensive range of consulting services. We achieve significant efficiency gains for our clients through close collaboration, particularly in the areas of standardization, process optimization, and resource management. We share a common mission with Amacuro to make a decisive contribution to the promotion of cross-sector care models.

Reduction of above-average lengths of stay and avoidable readmissions

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High lengths of stay and avoidable readmissions lead to inefficient use and retention of resources as well as financial risks. By optimizing processes and introducing effective resource management, we lay the foundation for efficient workflows.

Together with our cooperation partner Amacuro, we enable patients to be discharged on time through early and individualized therapy adjustments.

The Amacuro team of experts also coordinates patients' follow-up care. This supports social services and discharge management and reduces avoidable readmissions (the revolving door effect). At Amacuro, outpatient follow-up care is provided seamlessly and, if necessary, around the clock.

As a result, patients are readmitted less frequently or only if medically necessary, the quality of care is increased and adequate cost coverage by health insurance companies is ensured.

Relief for the staff

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Employees are one of the most important and scarcest resources in the healthcare sector. It is therefore crucial to use the available personnel resources sensibly and efficiently. Through optimized resource management, we ensure that personnel-intensive processes are optimized for the benefit of employees and patients.

Together with Amacuro Homecare, these measures can be further strengthened. As part of the cooperation, Amacuro therapy experts support care teams with the tasks of specialized care, billing, and documentation as well as the coordination of follow-up care.

In addition, 2perspectives offers its own care advice service, which works closely with the Amacuro therapy experts. This cooperation relieves the burden on social services and case management considerably, as it is seamlessly integrated from the classification of the care level to the organization of necessary follow-up care.

Together, we strive to relieve the burden on staff while simultaneously ensuring high process quality - for optimal patient care..

Efficient supply of remedies and aids and optimized purchasing conditions

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Many medical facilities currently face challenges such as unfavorable purchasing conditions and unreliable deliveries of medical supplies and aids.

Thanks to our collaboration with Amacuro, we can guarantee our clients attractive wholesale conditions and reliable delivery punctuality.


Do you need support in dealing with complex issues in the healthcare sector? Are you interested in our wide range of services and a joint cooperation with Amacuro Homecare? Then we look forward to hearing from you!