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Buy-Side M&A

Success-oriented and comprehensive buy-side consulting in the healthcare sector


We design, analyze, and implement successful investment strategies in the healthcare sector.


Every step in realizing high-yield healthcare investment strategies represents a challenge, each with high demands on analytical skills and market knowledge. Thanks to our many years of experience as buy-side consultants, we are familiar with the main challenges that need to be considered:


Unclear investment strategy

Investment projects in the healthcare sector fail all too often because the strategic objective of the investment is not defined clearly enough. Frequently, only trends are reacted to - the availability of relevant market knowledge is disregarded.


Unclear strategic development perspective

The success of buy-side projects depends on a clear growth and further development perspective for the company to be acquired. If the investor cannot identify sufficient development options at an early stage in the valuation, potential targets are unnecessarily eliminated before the due diligence phase.


Limited scope of deal sourcing

Although many investors have a strong network, systematically approaching potential targets is often challenging. A lack of clearly defined goals and human resources to identify suitable companies and establish successful cooperation talks frequently prolongs the approach process. Furthermore, "hidden champion" targets often remain undiscovered, as experience has shown that contact with them is usually only established through long-standing corporate relationships.


In buy-side projects, our initial focus is on developing the investment strategy: this forms the basis for all subsequent steps. In a classic "buy-and-build" investment strategy, the focus of the following phases is typically on a high-quality selection and approach (origination) of potential targets as well as an extensive due diligence review. The final result is an individual, comprehensive assessment of the takeover candidates under consideration. We systematically carry out the necessary further selection steps up to signing & closing - "hands-on" and always goal-oriented.

Typical process of a buy-side project along the investment cycle



Innovative investment strategies through expertise and partnership

The investment strategies we develop are based on the "first mover" advantage: this is based on our many years of expertise in the healthcare sector and the continuous exchange with industry experts. In close dialogue with our clients, the strategies are further developed in joint sparring sessions, finalized, and successfully implemented together.

Our due diligence: critical, constructive, fact-based

In our holistic due diligence audits, we take a critical and comprehensive look at companies. As external consultants, we provide an objective and fact-based analysis. We particularly look at the medical and operational service offering and its performance, the market and competitive situation, as well as potential red flags. This thorough examination is reflected in our well-founded, number-based evaluation and recommendations for action.

Effective deal origination - at high speed

For efficient and effective deal origination, we prioritize potential acquisition candidates together with the client. Based on this prioritization, we use our extensive network in the DACH region and beyond to quickly identify and evaluate high-quality acquisition candidates.

Clients Buy-Side M&A


Leverage our expertise and broad network in the healthcare industry to find and engage with your target quickly and successfully. Contact us today to achieve your transaction goals.