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Resource management

Optimizing the use of critical resources

Efficient resource management - fact-based and transparent

The targeted use of critical resources is crucial for the sustainable and efficient operation of healthcare facilities. We offer fact-based, flexible, and implementable solutions to ensure the optimal allocation and utilization of scarce resources.


In the healthcare sector, all organizations face a variety of challenges that make efficient resource management essential.


Given these challenges, it becomes clear why efficient resource management is crucial in the healthcare sector. The central starting points here are needs-based personnel planning, optimization of bed and operating theater capacities, and careful use of space resources. If the four levers can be used in a targeted and optimized manner, healthcare facilities can strengthen their operational performance while ensuring the expected quality of care.


Employees are probably the most valuable and currently the scarcest resource in the healthcare sector. This makes it all the more important to utilize existing personnel resources sensibly and to regularly review their allocation for potential improvements. We offer transparent and feasible solutions for this, along with calculation tools for personnel and job planning that fulfill legal and collective bargaining requirements. We aim to ensure the quality of patient care in the long term and at the same time increase the efficiency of service provision.


  • Joint survey and development of the required workstations and "service lanes" for each department, taking into account the individual circumstances
  • Personnel calculation using specific 2perspectives personnel calculation tools, taking into account legal and collective bargaining requirements, such as the PPR 2.0
  • Derivation of optimization potential based on a comprehensive benchmarking comparison of personnel requirements with personnel deployment in comparable facilities
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The optimized and needs-based distribution of the scarce physical resources available is the decisive management task for ensuring economic efficiency. Precise calculations and well-founded capacity analyses are required to solve this efficiently. It is crucial for success that the available bed, operating theater, or functional capacities are optimally allocated and used according to the type and scope of the actual demand.

At 2perspectives, we have many years of experience in capacity analyses and concepts for optimal resource allocation. With customized, reliably implementable solutions, we support our clients in utilizing their scarce resources with maximum efficiency.


Our customized solutions aim to maximize the utilization of your beds, operating theaters, and functional areas, minimize resource bottlenecks, and increase the quality of care at the same time. In doing so, we not only pay attention to ensuring the provision of care, but also consider strategic medical and, above all, economic aspects. At the same time, we recommend optimizing occupancy control and discharge management to exploit the full potential.

Bed management

  • Detailed analyses of bed occupancy and length of stay, accounting for regulatory requirements such as minimum volumes or nursing staff minimum limits (PPR 2.0)
  • Identification of bed potential with optimized resource management
  • Definition of the optimum weekly and seasonal distribution including holiday planning
  • Calculation of bed requirements with the 2perspectives bed planning tool for each specialist department, accounting for individual criteria on the client side: e.g. outpatient potential or strategic medical orientation
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OR management

  • Comprehensive calculation of the required operating theater capacities including weekly and seasonal distribution
  • Simulation and consideration of the strategic medical focus as well as external factors such as outpatient potential, and regional characteristics
  • Use of a customized controlling tool: including OR schedule, OR opening times and availability of OR staff

In order to make the most effective use of existing potential, the optimization of resource allocation should also go hand in hand with the optimization of OR processes.

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Diagnostics & Radiology & Laboratory

  • Analysis of capacity distribution and diagnostic requirements by specialty and patient type
  • Optimized capacity calculation and distribution for defined and intervention types
  • 2perspectives personnel planning tool for functional and diagnostic areas 
  • Financial evaluation in benchmark comparison of radiology and laboratory, including the identification of unnecessary duplicate examinations
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Spatial resources

  • Carrying out well-founded space capacity analyses based on the specific requirements of your institution, strategic aspects of space planning and with a view to potential medium and longer-term developments
  • Advise and support with relocations or remodeling measures to overcome temporary space bottlenecks
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A number of key success factors have been established for projects that aim to optimize the use of scarce capacities:


Fact-based capacity allocation

  • The distribution of scarce resources must be fact-based and repeated regularly
  • This is the only way to achieve fair, efficient, and economical utilization of capacities 

Binding statute

  • A concept for resource management must be binding and all associated processes and regulations must be set out in writing
  • Responsibilities must be clearly defined
  • Consequences in the event of deviations must be agreed and implemented if individuals do not adhere to the agreements

Controlling & transparency

  • Effective resource management requires transparency
  • Continuous monitoring is a prerequisite for optimized use throughout the year  

Coordination of all resources

  • Optimized use of resources is only possible if the management of all scarce capacities is interlinked
  • An isolated consideration of individual resources is not expedient

Consideration of staffing levels

  • All capacity planning must be directly linked to staffing levels and planning
  • This particularly applies to the planning of wards, taking into account PPR 2.0

The right digital tools

  • Digital tools help to increase transparency and facilitate planning
  • Before using new tools, however, the concept and processes should always come first
  • 2perspectives has a comprehensive overview of the appropriate tools for your organization

Practical implementation plan

  • The best concept only works if it is implemented in practice
  • In order to address all stakeholders, a realistic implementation plan and regular feedback support during implementation is a prerequisite for sustainability

Why us

Proven analytical skills

We have the necessary analytical skills to design an optimal allocation of resources. We always account for the individual starting situation of our clients as well as specific factors such as strategic medical decisions, regional requirements, and care trends. Our dynamic planning tools enable you to continuously allocate and utilize critical resources such as beds, staff, operating theater capacity, and rooms in the best possible way. Increase the efficiency of your facility with our solutions!

Comprehensive understanding of processes and many years of expertise

Long-term success in optimized resource management requires more than just one-off calculations or accompanying controlling. We understand that analyzing workflows and processes simultaneously is crucial to success right from the start. At 2perspectives, we combine top performance in analytics and cost projection with many years of expertise in inpatient and outpatient processes. With our 360-degree view of the overall picture of resource availability and process-related workflows, we can realize the maximum potential for efficient resource allocation. Let's maximize your medical and economic success together!

Consistent stakeholder management

The role-based involvement of the relevant stakeholders is crucial for reallocating critical resources. In interdisciplinary workshops we work together with the various professional groups in the healthcare institution to develop capacity planning that considers all relevant interests. Our facts and figures-based argumentation ensures that decisions are communicated transparently and comprehensibly. In this way, we ensure that the overall objective of the organization is not overshadowed by individual interests.

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Is your medical center facing the challenge of scarce resource allocation? We can help you optimize your resource usage and put your facility on the road to success. Contact us for a customized consultation!