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Restructuring and reorganization

Do you need support in stabilizing your economic situation?


With a holistic approach, we support outpatient and inpatient service providers in successful restructuring and reorganization. Together, we achieve short and long-term success and ensure sustainable patient care.


Rising operating costs, limited revenue potential, high investment requirements for new technologies and treatment procedures, and increasingly stringent legal requirements - all create an increasingly threatening economic imbalance for medical service providers in many cases. In order to avoid this, decisive action is required: the aim must be to avoid possible insolvency proceedings and to ensure efficient patient care in the future.

However, the seriousness of impending crises is often not fully recognized in good time. Consistent countermeasures are regularly taken too late - even if this is crucial for the economic survival of the clinic or outpatient care center.

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Greenfield approach

Simply optimizing existing processes and structures is no longer sufficient in the event of a pronounced economic imbalance. Instead, a comprehensive, critical review is required. Our "greenfield approach" makes it possible to rethink existing structures and processes from the ground up and completely redesign them. The subsequent implementation of the new processes and structures is based on state-of-the-art approaches.


Transparent and stringent communication

Comprehensive restructuring and reorganization projects require stringent and transparent communication throughout the course of the project - not only with all project participants and decision-makers but also with patients, the media, and the public. Changes in inpatient or outpatient care can easily lead to irritation and cause a considerable stir. In our experience, it is crucial to strengthen the "team spirit" and promote identification with the success of the restructuring project, both among staff and the public. To achieve this, it is necessary to communicate the opportunities of the restructuring clearly and consistently and ensure a continuous flow of information.


Joint and individual solution-finding

Developing and implementing restructuring programs together offers decisive advantages. Firstly, this increases acceptance among the workforce: employees are more willing to go along with far-reaching changes and actively support the change management process. Secondly, the success of the measures can best be ensured if the specific circumstances of the institution are accounted for on an individual basis. Off-the-shelf optimization procedures and their roll-out to the affected facilities have a short-term effect at best but are no guarantee for the sustainability of the measures. At 2perspectives, we rely on the active involvement of the relevant managers in the entire restructuring process: from joint analysis to joint implementation. In this way, we ensure that the restructuring is also successful in the long term.


Many years of expertise and a comprehensive range of services

With our in-depth knowledge of methods and many years of operational experience, we can support you throughout the entire restructuring process: From the redesign of processes and structures to resource management and the design and implementation of site consolidations, we understand the complex interplay between the sub-areas! We will help you to develop and implement precisely those measures that open the greatest possible potential for improvement for your organization.

Comprehensive stakeholder management for sustainable success

We know that restructuring projects can create significant uncertainty and thus a considerable need for discussion - not only within the workforce but also among political decision-makers and the general public. It is precisely in such situations that we use our comprehensive stakeholder management expertise to ensure that the benefits and advantages of restructuring are communicated clearly and effectively. This is the best way to ensure the successful implementation of the measures!

Respectful cooperation and communication on equal footing

Comprehensive restructuring and reorganization programs are time-consuming and lengthy.

Throughout the entire duration of the project, we attach particular importance to respectful cooperation with the employees of your facilities and transparent communication on equal footing. We aim to work together to achieve a sustainable set-up for your facility.

Clients Restructuring and reorganization


We understand the challenges you face and offer tailor-made solutions for your facility’s sustainable restructuring and reorganization! Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment for a no-obligation consultation!