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Strategic relocation management

Holistic relocation management - from planning to moving in


There are many reasons for relocating medical facilities - and so there are many challenges. At 2perspectives, we have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that the upcoming move is a success.


As varied as the reasons for a hospital relocation are, so too are the associated challenges. At 2perspectives, we are familiar with these challenges and have the expertise to overcome them.

High risk: Ensuring patient safety

To ensure patient safety, critical infrastructure must be secured at all times during the move. A complete shutdown of operations during the move is not possible from a security of supply perspective.

Moving is an exceptional situation

The planning and implementation of hospital relocations or relocations of other medical facilities is an exceptional situation for everyone involved. Every move is unique - a pilot phase is not possible and simulations for the most important structures (e.g. emergency room, operating theater) are urgently required. 

Planning and relocation during ongoing operations

A successful relocation requires extensive preparation, which must take place in parallel with day-to-day business. Given the limited resources available, it is hardly possible for all the necessary planning and preparatory tasks and the implementation of the move to be carried out by the hospital staff alone.

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The variety of topics is enormous - it is hardly possible to develop them entirely within the clinic during day-to-day business.

Enormous variety of topics and range of relevant stakeholders

As numerous as the topics to be planned are, as large is the group of stakeholders to be involved. The planning effort is enormous - keeping track of all the topics is challenging.

Hospital relocations are a matter of high public interest

Hospitals are the linchpin of local, regional, and often supra-regional healthcare. The interest of the media and the public is correspondingly high. Transparent and targeted communication and dealing with all interests is challenging and requires expertise.

Employee motivation and economic success

Seamless preparation and implementation ensure that employees are pleasantly surprised by a successful relocation because all processes work and the "familiarization" has taken place in advance. The financial and time investment in good planning and preparation pays for itself simply by avoiding delays in the ramp-up of the new clinic or outpatient structures.

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We support our clients in all phases of the relocation process: from the organization to the resumption of operations at the new location.

Based on our experience, we recommend starting to plan a relocation project at least one year in advance to ensure the project runs smoothly. If required, we also provide support in the redevelopment or re-evaluation of the medical strategy in the run-up to a relocation project.

Re-evaluation of planned room structures and medical processes

  • Examining and questioning planned room structures from a process perspective - together with employees
  • Possible input of final changes to the room and function program
  • Planning the content transition of the individual areas and the necessary adjustments
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Project preparation and organization

  • Establishment of an efficient project organization for clear structures and fast decision-making
  • Determination of the appropriate relocation logic (e.g. step-by-step or en bloc)
  • Early development of a backward-looking schedule from the date of the move
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Central project management office (PMO) and action plan

  • Establishment of a transparent and central project organization
  • Regular communication about the progress of the project, fixed contact persons and data transparency
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to the new structures, accounting for all relevant issues
  • Preparation of a "relocation manual" for each area
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Routine & Simulation

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Risk management and schedule

  • Development of a seamless relocation concept with the safe transfer of patients and the parallel, optimally organized relocation of goods
  • Carrying out an individual risk analysis of the entire critical infrastructure to ensure seamless availability during the move
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Coordinating support

  • On-site support in order to be able to react flexibly to unforeseen events
  • Establishment of a relocation center with short communication channels and clearly defined escalation levels for a fast response time
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Strategic communication planning and management

  • Communication concept to ensure flawless internal and external communication
  • Support in the preparation and implementation of political discussions.
  • Tailor-made executive and management training and PMO training courses are held as required
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Every move is unique. A stringent and transparent project organization, close cooperation between all those involved, and a high level of commitment from all individuals are essential for success. Three key success factors can be derived from our many years of project experience:


Central project management

Successful project organization requires a clear structure with clear responsibilities and defined tasks. This enables progress to be made visible and potential hurdles to be identified at an early stage. For us, transparency is the be-all and end-all of successful project management.


"Team spirit" and communication

In our experience, it is crucial to strengthen the "team spirit" and promote the motivation of every individual. To achieve this, it is necessary to clearly communicate the opportunities presented by the changes and to ensure transparent and continuous internal and external communication.


Risk management

During the relocation, the functionality of critical infrastructure must be guaranteed at all times. We work together with our clients to develop contingency concepts and failsafe plans for central functional units at an early stage.

RoMed Klinik Wasserburg am Inn

Successful move to one of Bavaria's largest new clinic buildings

More than ten years of planning and construction of the new RoMed Wasserburg am Inn clinic culminated in a three-day move during ongoing clinic operations. This was carefully planned for over a year, from "clearing" the old building to transporting the patients and setting up the new building.

The strategic relocation management was carried out in close cooperation between the team at RoMed Kliniken Wasserburg and the company 2perspectives. Thanks to intensive preparation and careful planning, the new hospital with its 130 beds was able to start regular operations seamlessly in December 2022.

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Extensive experience and practical know-how

Thanks to our extensive experience from past relocation projects, we have a unique level of knowledge. We are familiar with the challenges and know what is important for a successful hospital relocation or relocation of another medical facility. We also have the necessary project management skills to successfully ensure a comprehensive relocation, despite the enormous variety of issues involved.

Comprehensive range of services and holistic approach

2perspectives' comprehensive range of consulting services enables us to take a holistic view of the planned relocation project. With in-depth methodological knowledge and many years of operational experience, we deliberately set ourselves apart from ordinary logistics specialists and pure project managers. From resource management and process optimization to emergency supply - we understand the complex interplay between the different areas and combine this into a holistic, strategic relocation management.

Transferring content from the old to the "new" world

With our many years of experience in medical processes, we use relocation projects as an opportunity to redesign processes for the new spatial structures efficiently - together with the employees - even before the move. In doing so, we always take a "state-of-the-art" approach based on the best in the industry and ensure that inefficient processes are not carried over into a modern infrastructure.

Team of experts and strong network

With the right resources, we support our clients in successful relocation planning and coordination in parallel with ongoing business operations. As an experienced sparring partner, we take the pressure off your team on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly. We also offer access to a comprehensive network of tried-and-tested service providers.

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Ready to successfully plan and implement your hospital relocation? Contact us now to learn more about our customized solutions and comprehensive support. Let's make your move a success together!