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Growing staff shortages, dissatisfaction with the working model, a lack of recognition - the need for action in the care sector is obvious. At 2perspectives, we see ourselves as "innovative thinkers" and help our clients redefine and redesign the future of nursing care.


The nursing profession has suffered greatly in recent years. This is reflected in widespread dissatisfaction, high fluctuation rates, and an increasing exodus of nursing staff to other sectors. The reasons for this are wide-ranging: an increasing proportion of external staff, little flexibility in duty scheduling, increasing workload, a lack of standard equipment, unattractive remuneration models - and, perhaps most importantly, a lack of professional and social recognition.

At the same time, clinics and care facilities face enormous organizational and economic challenges: Daily recurring problems include blocked beds, cost-intensive use of external agency staff, and increasingly restrictive legal requirements.

Against this backdrop, it is time to take decisive countermeasures to counteract the growing dissatisfaction among nursing staff and the worsening staff shortage. Targeted, sustainable improvements are needed!


Some measures are not enough to achieve these improvements. With the "Future of Nursing" initiative, we are therefore pursuing the goal of fundamentally questioning the working model in nursing and redesigning it from the ground up. Our approach is based on six central key topics of everyday nursing care. The content is developed jointly on-site in interdisciplinary workshops.

Workflows and processes

Through critical questioning, targeted adjustments and consistent standardization of work processes, continuous improvement is achieved in nursing care, which makes everyday life noticeably easier.

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Range and distribution of tasks

An attractive design of the range of tasks for nurses includes strengthening direct patient work, reducing non-nursing activities and obtaining extended powers of action for nursing when required.

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Communication and leadership

A transparent communication culture, the introduction of contemporary management styles and respectful and cooperative interdisciplinary collaboration are crucial elements for a successful organization.

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Technology, innovation and digitalization

The integration of innovative solutions and digitalization in day-to-day care effectively helps to improve inefficient workflows and establish modern processes and standards.

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Duty models and absence management

Flexible and attractive duty models, including the establishment of an individually customizable duty schedule and efficient absence management without dependence on external personnel, contribute to optimal workplace design and employee satisfaction.

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Development and training

Investing in continuous, easily accessible training opportunities promotes the professionalization of nursing and provides additional support in the pursuit of personal development goals.

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Our approach: Understand - Redesign - Implement

We proceed in these three steps to develop a client-specific solution concept. Specifically, a Future of Nursing project includes the following activities:


Understanding the initial situation

We start the project with our comprehensive survey of nursing staff: containing generalist questions as well as the opportunity to add your own customized questions. This enables us to gain a complete understanding of the current situation.

Based on the knowledge gained, we then analyze the existing shortcomings, their causes, and the expectations of employees with a specially established project group of nursing staff. We scrutinize the entire care process and involve representatives from other professional groups in order to accurately address interface issues.


Redesigning the future

Once challenges and tasks have been clearly identified, we work with the project group to develop concepts for a tailor-made solution. After several years of intensive preparatory work, we have now identified numerous best practice approaches.

We are aware that the focus is not always on monetary or technical factors. This is why a balanced, holistic approach is required when developing measures, which take precise account of the actual need for action on site. This makes it possible not only to improve satisfaction among nursing staff in the short term, but also to realign the entire nursing operation with a view to the future.


Implementation planning for successful execution

The individual proposed solutions are then prioritized according to urgency and relevance, summarized in a tailored overall concept, and jointly adopted.

From the client's point of view, it is crucial to understand and communicate that the reform of care is an ongoing process of change, directed far into the future. Particularly when considering the next necessary actions, it is essential to make constant adjustments and further developments.

To make this possible, we carefully practice the necessary procedure with our clients and provide all the essential tools. On request, we are also happy to support you in implementing the concept and developing further measures.


The joint implementation of a "Future of Nursing" project has three clear advantages for you as our client:

  • Your nursing staff will be sustainably relieved in their daily work
  • Your management will see significant improvements in operational processes
  • The quality of service in patient care reaches a "state of the art" level and thus becomes a decisive competitive factor for your facility



Clients Future of Nursing


Would you also like to face the complex challenges in the care sector? Create attractive, sustainable jobs in the care sector? 

Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about our "Future of Nursing" initiative and, if you wish, we can put together a customized project offer for you without obligation!