We combine consulting expertise and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector


As a consulting boutique, we develop customized and feasible solutions for the healthcare sector with passion and dedication.

2perspectives – a Combination of Entrepreneurship and Strategy Consulting

We combine the analytical and conceptual expertise of a consultant with the thinking and actions of an entrepreneur. This combination reflects the founding idea of 2perspectives: to build a specialized, owner-managed boutique consultancy that unites both perspectives. This synthesis enables us to work together with our clients to develop solutions for all top management problems - all around the interface of inpatient and outpatient service provision.

Service provision interface - 2perspectives' fields of activity

Our range of service is aimed at many players in the healthcare sector in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. All our projects always interface with our core business of inpatient and outpatient service provision and the associated patient care.

This central focus enables us to effectively apply our expertise in the healthcare sector, which is deeply rooted in our corporate DNA, and to achieve measurable and sustainable success for our clients. We always have access to an extensive network of experts to support us with special topics.

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Prioritization, focus, impact - tailor-made and pragmatic solutions

We always advise our clients as if they were our own company. The decisive factor is the impact we can achieve. Only if the proposed solution leads to measurable success does it fulfill our own entrepreneurial aspirations. We attach great importance to pragmatic approaches that can be implemented quickly and with manageable effort. We rely on future-proof, state-of-the-art solutions with a strong focus on innovation and digitalization.

For us, a trusting partnership is the cornerstone of successful collaboration. We focus on our clients - as experts in their business. We integrate your perspective into every step of our joint solution-finding process. By providing advice and working on an equal footing, we overcome skepticism and strengthen trust in our expertise.

„2perspectives, two divisions, one passion: HEALTHCARE”.

We all share a passion for healthcare - both for the well-being of patients and for innovation and progress in the system. This passion forms the foundation of our two departments: Consulting and Investment Advisory.

2perspectives Consulting

solution-oriented and actionable

The task of our consulting division is to support clients in all matters relating to profitability, medical quality and sustainable strategy development. In dialog with the project team, we develop tailor-made and feasible solutions. The aim of our consulting projects is always to make the greatest possible, measurable contribution to the success of our clients.

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2perspectives Investment Advisory

Advisory beyond numbers

We support investors, healthcare entrepreneurs, and start-ups with all issues relating to buy- and sell-side M&A, as well as value creation. The combination of sound investment expertise and many years of operational experience in the healthcare sector is the right prerequisite for shaping investment projects sustainably, and addressing complex issues from different perspectives.

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Business Development

Over the last 10 years, we have worked closely with our clients to develop into a respected boutique consultancy that focuses on the specific requirements and problems of the healthcare sector. Our success story is based on many years of top management experience, continuous organic company development and a strong team spirit.

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  • Foundation of 2perspectives by Dr. Alexander Schmid
  • First company location in Bad Aibling
  • Expert consulting for other, larger consulting companies
  • Focus on strategic and optimization topics in the hospital sector, taking digitalization topics into account
2perspectives Business Development picture expert consultancy

Established as an Expert Consultancy

2014 / 2015
  • Expansion of the existing consulting business in the hospital sector
  • Expansion into interface areas of outpatient service provision and digital solution providers
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Expansion of Business Activities

2015 - 2018
  • Established a development team for digital applications to create the start-up "Hello-Care", including successful sales
  • Expansion of the consulting spectrum to include innovation and digitalization as well as investment and financing
  • Expansion of the client base in the start-up sector
  • Expansion of consulting activities into the Swiss market
  • Opening of the main office in Munich and opening of a representative office in Zurich
  • Established of a permanent consulting team
2perspectives Business Development established as boutique consultancy

Positioning as a Boutique Consultancy

2019 - 2021
  • Continuous expansion of the core clientele of inpatient and outpatient service providers
  • Short-term support for our clients in coping with the Covid pandemic
  • Expansion of the range of advisory services to include inpatient care and growing activities in the homecare sector
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Growth and Expansion Phase

2022 / 2023
  • Focus on major reorganization and restructuring projects in the context of post-Covid and hospital reform
  • Expansion of the portfolio to include strategic relocation management services
  • Foundation of the 2perspectives nursing initiative “Future of Nursing”
  • Establishment of a separate Investment Advisory Division
  • Foundation of the now medium-sized homecare company “Amacuro”
  • Celebration of the company's 10th anniversary


Do you need support in dealing with the complex issues in the healthcare sector? Do you have any questions about our wide range of services? Then we look forward to hearing from you!


Shape the healthcare of tomorrow together with us

Do you want to develop client-specific solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow with a dynamic, motivated team? At 2perspectives, we offer you more than just a job - we offer you the opportunity to actively shape your career and become part of a great team.

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Do you need support in dealing with the complex issues in the healthcare sector? Do you have any questions about our wide range of services? Then we look forward to hearing from you!