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Creating sustainable value in the healthcare sector


We optimize and restructure companies in the healthcare sector in every development phase and economic situation.


Due to the often-complex initial situation and diverse operational tasks in value creation projects, there are often a number of challenges that need to be overcome:


Unclear initial situation

Most of our value creation projects start with an unclear initial situation: a lack of transparency in controlling, a lack of central contacts for the operational business, and political decision-making patterns within the company are just some of the factors that make the initial situation difficult to accurately assess.


Unclear strategic orientation

In turnaround situations, in particular, massive conflicts of interest between the decision-makers can frequently be observed, which impairs strategic corporate management accordingly. The implications are serious: no common understanding of the company's strategic direction and vision, and even divergent medical and economic objectives. The typically high personnel turnover at the management level is also less favorable.


Lack of realization power

The stringent implementation of adopted measures is essential for the success of restructuring and optimization projects. In crisis-ridden companies, the necessary resources and time are often lacking. Employees with the necessary expertise are frequently taken up with day-to-day business. A central project management team dedicated to restructuring and optimization projects is rarely possible to implement in terms of time. Adopted measures cannot be implemented as there is simply a lack of capacity due to the omnipresent shortage of resources.


All our value-creation projects begin with a detailed initial analysis. From the state-of-the-art margin optimization of the portfolio champion to the daily liquidity planning of the company in insolvency proceedings, we cover every economic situation and development phase with our consulting expertise.

We then work with the client to develop specific goals for improving the company's economic situation in the short to medium term. We develop clear recommendations for action and concrete next steps based on the initial situation and the envisioned goals. We implement these together with our clients and monitor the progress of the project.

Typical project approach



Radical transparency

The initial situation in most value-creation projects is often completely unclear. In cases where a client has already found a solution, we still approach the engagement critically and form our own assessment of the initial situation based on the creation of radical transparency of figures and internal discussions. In discussion with senior executives, a common understanding of the initial situation is reached, on the basis of which the next steps can then be planned.

Clear objectives and realizable recommendations for action

The overall view of the company is the linchpin for developing objectives and proposed measures, in each case in close consultation with the responsible managers. Our recommendations for action are always clearly formulated, backed up with specific work steps and summarized in a detailed project plan. This ensures rapid implementation.

Focused target achievement - even after the project

Our success in value-creation projects is based on the consistent and continuous implementation of necessary measures. We regularly evaluate the achievement of objectives with clear milestones and touchpoints. If there is a need for adjustment during implementation, we react immediately and adjust the measures, if necessary, to ensure that the targets are achieved safely and sustainably.


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