Combined expertise and shared commitment: working together for a sustainable healthcare system


We are an interdisciplinary team with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. What unites us all is a shared passion for healthcare - both for the well-being of patients and for innovation and progress in the system.

At 2perspectives, we see our team as a key success factor in doing justice to the dynamic consulting business. When developing the team, we focus on selected and natural growth. In this way, we ensure that each new member fits in well and that the 2perspectives team spirit is maintained at every stage of the company's growth.

2perspectives Senior Partner Dr. Alexander Schmid

Dr. Alexander Schmid

Senior Partner
  • PhD Communication Science
  • Diploma in Business Administration
2perspectives Engagement Manager Hendrik Bock

Hendrik Bock

Engagement Manager
  • M.Sc. Health Economics
  • B.Sc. Health Economics
2perspectives Engagement Manager Tim Probst

Tim Probst

Engagement Manager
  • M.Sc. Health Management and Health Economics
  • B.A. Economics
  • B.A. Fitness Economics
2perspectives Senior Management Consultant Laura Trinkwalter

Laura Trinkwalter

Senior Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Health Economics
  • B.Sc. Health Economics
2perspectives Senior Associate Victor Wrasse

Victor Wraase

Senior Associate
  • M.Sc. Business Administration
  • B.A. Philosophy
  • B.Sc. Economics
2perspectives Management Consultant Johanna Lösl

Johanna Lösl

Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Medical Process Management
  • B.Sc. Health Science
2perspectives Investment Analyst Friedrich Brauch

Friedrich Brauch

Investment Analyst
  • B.A. European Studies
2perspectives Management Consultant Emilie Orgler

Emilie Orgler

Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Management
  • B.Sc. Business Mathematics
2perspectives Management Consultant Ovidiu Campean

Ovidiu Campean

Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Public Health
  • B.Sc. Business Administration
2perspectives Management Consultant Nina Adä

Nina Adä

Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Management
  • B.Sc. Business Administration & Economics
2perspectives Team I Marc Sievers

Marc Sievers

Investment Analyst
  • M.Sc. Sustainable Finance
  • B.Sc. Business Administration
Junior Management Consultant Carolin Minners

Carolin Minners

Junior Management Consultant
  • M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
  • B.Eng. Medical Engineering
2perspectives Executive Assistant Sabine Csizmadia

Sabine Csizmadia

Executive Assistant
  • Medical assistant
2perspectives Marketing Advisor Alyssa Shimmin

Alyssa Shimmin

Marketing Advisor
  • B.A. Literature and Business
2perspectives Visual Aids & Research Specialist Lara Schmid

Lara Schmid

Visual Aids & Research Specialist
  • B.Sc. Global Business Management
2perspectives Editing Expert Georg Klymiuk

Georg Klymiuk

Editing Expert
  • PHD Communication Expert
  • Studied German language and literature, mathematics, philosophy of science


Shape the healthcare of tomorrow together with us

Do you want to develop client-specific solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow with a young, motivated team?

At 2perspectives, we offer you more than just a job - we offer you the opportunity to actively shape your career and become part of a great team.

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Do you need support in dealing with complex issues in the healthcare sector? Do you have questions about our wide range of services? Then we look forward to hearing from you!