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Expertise and entrepreneurship for your clinical success

Expert advice for clinics

Our consulting services in the hospital sector combine expertise and entrepreneurship to ensure the long-term success of your clinic.

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Strategy & realignment

Rising costs and changing patient expectations present clinics with enormous challenges. We support you in developing a customised and sustainable strategy for realignment. Together we will ensure the long-term success of your organisation!

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Innovation & digitization

The trend towards digitalization offers immense opportunities, but many clinics still face challenges when selecting and evaluating innovative solutions. We support you in finding the right digital solutions for your clinic and guide you through the implementation process. Together, we will make digital innovations an integral part of your day-to-day work.

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Standardization & process optimization

In a time of economic pressure in the healthcare sector, efficient and standardized processes are crucial. We offer expertise in the analysis and optimization of medical and administrative processes. Together with you, we develop and implement customized process optimizations for your clinic.

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Strategic relocation management

Today's hospital landscape is characterized by site consolidations and new construction projects. Clinic relocations are particularly challenging: They are usually very complex and require careful planning and organization. Our strategic relocation management offers holistic solutions - from conceptualization to the resumption of daily operations at the new location. Together, we ensure that your move is a complete success.

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Restructuring & reorganization

Clinics are currently facing major financial challenges due to rising operating costs, limited reimbursement amounts and high investment requirements. We support clinics in comprehensive restructuring and reorganization projects. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that your clinic finds its way back to financial stability and operational excellence as quickly as possible.

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Future of Nursing

The nursing sector faces significant challenges: staff shortages, dissatisfaction, and lack of recognition. As "innovation thinkers," 2perspectives supports hospitals in reshaping the future of nursing. By focusing on six key themes, we develop attractive work models to relieve your nursing staff, increase employee satisfaction, address the shortage of skilled workers, and strengthen your competitive position.

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Resource management

Optimizing the distribution of resources is crucial for the economic efficiency of hospital operations. With our customized concepts and calculation tools, we support you in making optimal use of scarce resources such as staff, room capacities and operating theaters and in dealing with bottleneck situations. Our expertise and comprehensive understanding of processes ensure efficient resource allocation for your clinic!

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Sell-Side M&A

Specialized investors are constantly on the lookout for interesting investment opportunities, particularly in the service provider sector. We would be happy to discuss with you the options of a (partial) sale of your hospital company to a professional co-operation partner.

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Buy-Side M&A

Growth through acquisition strategies is particularly attractive due to synergies from shared services. We are happy to advise you on the development of your investment strategy, the successful approach of takeover candidates, due diligence reviews and company valuations.

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Value Creation

Medical service providers in the DACH region are currently facing major challenges. With rigorous transparency and clear objectives, we restructure and optimize medical service providers - in every phase of business development and in every economic situation.


Do you need support in dealing with complex issues in the healthcare sector? Do you have questions about our wide range of services for clinics? Then we look forward to hearing from you!